152-Ct Huggies Little Movers Diapers (Size 4)

152-Ct Huggies Little Movers Diapers (Size 4)Amazon
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Huggies Little Movers Diapers
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Available sizes

Thanks. Came out to .50 after 15% coupon and 20% S&S

I’ve actually never calculated diapers per dollar before so I don’t know what’s a good deal or not. I usually just buy them when they’re on sale.

Can anyone comment as to how good of a deal this is?

Size 3: .2057 / diaper

Size 4: .2091 / diaper

Size 5: .2645 / diaper

Size 6: .3562 / diaper

(Priced based on S&S without the 15% first time coupon)

Looks like you can use the 15% off coupon for each size once.

is this a good deal at .80? what additional 15% off coupon?

edit. checked walmart.com and they are just about same price. this is not a great deal.


We buy ours at Costco and huggies are usually .24 a diaper for size 4 and that’s normal price. On sale I think it goes as low as .19 per diaper or so. This is a good deal unless you have Costco nearby and it’s on sale. (Huggies specifically)
I usually pay .14/diaper, which is how it comes out for size 4, with coupon and S&S.
I tried to pay .12 or less per diaper but I know the Huggies little movers usually are a little more pricey.

It’s an okay price for 4s if you like Huggies / Little Movers, though it can get cheaper on sale.

Overall it isn’t like a crazy deal, I’d probably only get this if you have the diaper credit to burn.

I have made an order back in February for / box for size 4 152 Little Movers.

Amazon’s Mama Bear brand is very comparable to Huggies and cheaper. for 146 diapers. My new favorite brand for sure!

All four of you above repped! Thanks for the info!

There is a thing that shows up near S&S that says “Save 15% on your first order.” If you have already used S&S for that size, it won’t show up, I don’t think. I am still seeing these diapers being less than Walmart with S&S. Walmart must also have them on sale, I haven’t seen them this cheap in person, personally.

I heard this one is really bad quality compared to the costco one as the costco one is Huggies little movers PLUS

Little movers is always a little more. It’s an ok deal. I try to stock up when Costco has theirs on sale for 8-9 dollars off.