150-Piece Spark Create Imagine Wooden Block Set

150-Piece Spark Create Imagine Wooden Block Set
150-Piece Spark Create Imagine Wooden Block Set w/ Canister
$ 7.88
. Store pickup is free if stock permits, otherwise
shipping is free
on orders $ 35+. Thanks GoodDay

[Deal Review]:

Grabbed two for my niece and nephew – thanks!

Great deal! No store pick up and dont have another worth of stuff to get free shipping

Good deal. Thanks OP!

Buy random stuff for free shipping then return
That is NOT ethical to say the least…

Got one. Thanks and repped.

24+ months; saw that after I pulled the trigger. Guess my kid will have to wait another year, lol.

Thanks, Mom. I’ll remember that next time.
And it’s a lack of honor, and is a theft of labor resources and shipping funds paid by the seller.

Your dad here, she should’ve done a better job with you.

Thank you got one.. good deal

Is this good for a 6 year old? Or is this for younger kids

Regarding not having enough for free shipping – really? Trash bags? Sandwich bags? Freezer bags? Adult diapers for granny and tiny diapers for the baby?

Age does not really matter for these. I remember setting up giant structures of these blocks for my 1 year old to knock down. It was worth the money just to see her get excited to knock it down everyday.