$15 Jean’s at Universal Standard

choose any womens pair @
they run $ 90 to $ 100+ use promo code denimdrive pay $ 15 & they send you a return postage label to send any 2 of your old Jean’s back

We’re partnering with the Blue Jeans Go Green ™ program for our second annual Denim Drive to turn your old jeans into free jeans. Send US 2 pairs of jeans that you’re ready to get rid of, and we’ll turn them into much needed insulation used to build homes. In exchange, we’ll send you a new pair of our denim – for FREE.

Step 1: Add a pair of jeans to your cart.

Step 2: Apply code DENIMDRIVE at checkout.

Step 3: Pay just $ 15 for the shipping label to send US your 2 pairs of old jeans.

Any pieces purchased outside of the Denim Drive will be expedited at no extra charge.

Your return label will be sent to you within 48 hours!

*Offer is available while supplies last.