12-Piece Martha Stewart Essentials Glassware Sets (various)

12-Piece Martha Stewart Essentials Glassware Sets (various)
12-Piece Martha Stewart Essentials Glassware Sets
(various) for
$ 9.99 each
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[Deal Review]:

I’d do Martha

50 years ago

These were free during thanks giving and no one was picking them up?

Large tumblers are nice. Got a box of them on Black Friday for free with rebate.

Grabbed some large tumblers. Ty op

Darn, no stemmed red wine glasses.

I’ve ordered a few of Martha Martha Martha’s other kitchen and household items and let me just say I returned 4/5 of them and the only reason I didn’t return the last is because I missed the return date. It’s all looks like decent quality until you get it in your hands. No wonder she went to prison for insider trading. But good thing she did because atleast prison taught her how to be a better criminal by making things look nicer than what they are: cheap and raggedy just like her. So I use the last jars for car food. What I should be using ’em for is when cleaning the kitty litter box to dump all the cat sh!p in to toss in the trash. I think that’d be the only thing they’re good for was concealing the dirty work of the business or shall I say…”My Kitten’s dirty business”! (pets sweet loving, and adorable lil kitten like an evil genius)

Can you tell us what was actually bad about them?

Thanks, In for 2

I bought 6 cases of these 3 years ago during another promo where it was BOGO.

First, it took over 3 months to get because they didn’t do inventory properly and allowed too many others to go through. They asked if I wanted to cancel, and I said no because I paid a really good price and was going to paint and sell them anyway. Finally received them in March (ordered in December).

Upon arrival, there was absolutely no padding and all 6 boxes were stacked on each other. All but 1 case was damaged. Contacted Macy’s and they said they’d send me new ones if I returned the broken ones. There was literally glass everywhere, no way of returning.

After emailing them back and forth, and them “losing my email”. I finally got the replacements. Once again, they were ALL shattered because of poor packaging. I finally just gave up trying to get replacements and they offered me a partial refund.

Honestly, quality wise, they’re “ok”. A bit thin and small. Two have already cracked in the top dishwasher rack. Even the ones at Dollar Tree are nicer than these.

**These were for the stemless ones


Less than a buck a glass. Let’s be a decent human being and buy it for what it is. If you want high quality stuff, clearly this is not for you.

Wow so these were free just a few days ago?? Then clearly not a slick deal at