12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Digital Delivery)

12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Digital Delivery)
CD Keys
12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
(Digital Delivery) on sale for
$ 41.99
. Thanks longmanj9

About the product

  • Join the best community of gamers on the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network
  • Get maximum performance, speed, and reliability with dedicated servers
  • Experience the best in competitive and cooperative gaming across Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Get free games to play every month, worth up to $700 a year
  • Save up to 50-75% on games in the Xbox Store

First off I don’t like Microsoft or any game service having my credit card info!

1) After having to deal with the aftermath of someone breaking into my account and racking up $200+ in charges to my card on file.
2) Microsoft automatically re-subscribing if your card is on file (which could be bad if you are low on money when your subscription expires).

I found it a huge pain dealing with Microsoft when someone makes unauthorized purchases using your card on file. I had to get my bank involved to get my money back since Microsoft would barely do anything to resolve the issue.

So I really like that Amazon has this service available. I get an instant code for a Live subscription seconds after checkout, and piece of mind knowing Microsoft doesn’t have any of my card info. Trust me, don’t keep your card on file on your Xbox. It’s safer and saves you headache in the long run.

[Deal Review]:

Thank you. Picked up 3. Great gifts at a decent price.

thank you in for 10.

Thanks got it! Never had one issue from cdkeys

I can’t checkout with Apple Pay it always fails. Anyone else having issues?

used Paypal for 1. thanks

I bought 2 but in the CDkeys instructions it says that Microsoft no longer lets you Stack. But I bought two of them so I’m wondering do these codes expire? And has anyone tried stacking?


Tried to buy this last time the deal was posted. They took my payment and never sent the code. Expected it within a few minutes or hours. Had to open a dispute with PalPay and it took 3 weeks to resolve. Highly recommend against CDKeys. No reply from their support at all, just automated messages.

Fyi check your dashboards first, just redeemed 12 months for 35.99

Always order digital codes from CDKeys, usually very quick with the code. They send you a link with the pic of the code withen 5 minutes on average. I never have issues using PayPal on their site.

What dashboards? The Xbox console has it listed for .99. Where can we get it for .99? Thanks in advance
Guess it was just mine. It was listed 40% off, strange
I have to agree. My bro in law got a code from here but then Microsoft banned his account after he used the code.