12-Count 1.4oz Kind Bars (Various): Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

12-Count 1.4oz Kind Bars (Various): Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

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12-Count 1.4oz Kind Bars
(Various Flavors) on sale when you checkout via subscribe & save.
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. Thanks Blue_00

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Available Flavors:

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Great price OP! Thank you!

Thanks op

Love the blueberry . . . .86 (includes tax) – great price.

Thanks for posting OP!!

My local coffee shop sells these for so this is a good price at roughly .85 each.

They are small but pretty tasty. My only gripe is that they are sticky, so you feel like you’ve picked up a leaky syrup bottle when you’re done eating one if you’re not careful.

Anyone else trying subscribe to the Blueberry Pecan bars and getting subscribed to the Cranberry Almond ones instead?

Good price but just FYI I got these a couple weeks ago for less than 4 through S&S, so possibly it might go down in price in the future

I was just about to post the same thing – yes, that happened to me as well. But it’s ok, because I’d prefer the Cranberry Almond if that’s what ends up shipping.

For a (12) pack of Kind bars? (not Kind healthy grains). That would have been half the price of this front page deal.

Thanks OP! Got the Cranberry Almond pack for .75 since I qualify for the 15% S&S discount (over 5 items)

Yep the same exact one posted in OP. Only the peanut butter dark choc one though
Just don’t grab the food and use the individually wrapped package it comes in?


Does anybody know if amazon can remove s&s from a prime account? For instance I can’t fill a subscription with 5 items but it allows me the 5% s&s with 2day shipping and then it puts the next delivery 6 months away… any ideas? I’ve def misused the services with all these slickdeals!