100-Count Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee K-Cups

100-Count Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee K-CupsAmazon
100-Count Gevalia Coffee K-Cups
(Signature Blend) on sale for
$ 30.39
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I’m drinking my Colombian Gevalia right now! Stuff is awesome. FYI Publix usually sells these BOGO (total 24 pods for ~). But this is a much better deal!

got it for 22 after amex promo and S&S and points

hmmm I’ve tried different account and different delivery date, but it does not allow me to use for both Amex 20% Promo and S&S at the same time. Is there any trick?
try this link and it will tell you if you are invited.


I could only use it on an old account that I dont use any more. I activated Prime trial for a month and used the discount
Oh I am invited to AmEx 20% promo and have used about half of the 0 limit. I have been a prime member for years. But when I checked out S&S, I don’t get choice to apply points. It only allowed me to choose which credit card to use. Perhaps it’s just me if no one seconds this. Don’t worry about it.

does this work on the keurig brewers that require a barcode?

Are these K-Cups biodegradable yet? So much needless trash for a cup of joe.

in for 1

Very few are bio degradable. Sanfrancisco k cups are.


Try their Fog Chaser. Very good coffee for a K cup.

.57 for me with s/s, coupon and amex reward single point.

These are really good and rarely go on sale. In for 2!

For reference I usually drink the Costco Pacific Bold. I bought these Gevalia last year, wish I would have bought more.


About the product
  • Gevalia Signature Blend is a Delightfully Mild Roast with Delicate Cocoa and Citrus Blossom Flavor Notes
  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • A Mild/Light Roast Coffee
  • 100-count single serve K-CUP PODS.For use in all KEURIG K-CUP brewing systems
  • Full-bodied, citrus, and bright

Years ago, when really good coffee was still kind of hard to find here in the US, we used to get Gevalia by mail subscription. The price made us long desire a substitute and in time good coffee became available locally (I am a big fan of Peets) so we stopped getting the Gevalia deliveries.

Amazon’s offer of Gevalia in K-Cup form via Subscribe and Save at a very fair price was, I thought, worth a try and overall I reasonably happy with it.

Is it equal to the Givalia of old? I, alas, cannot make a direct comparison, but my wife who likes her coffee a bit less robust than I do still found it neccasary to reduce the K-Cup brew to 8 oz from the 10 oz she generally favors — this to get the flavor and strength she prefers.

As long as the price stays what it is now upon introduction I expect we will continue to get it. But if it goes up much than perhaps not. There are just too many good choices available these days to pay those old “premium” coffee prices.