1-Year Xfinity Performance Starter Internet (Up to 25 Mbps Speeds)

1-Year Xfinity Performance Starter Internet (Up to 25 Mbps Speeds)
is offering their
1-Year Xfinity Performance Starter Internet
Up to 25 Mbps Download Speeds
) on sale for
$ 19.99
/month w/ this
agreement + Paperless Billing and Automatic Payments enrollment
through Xfinity My Account. Thanks coolfunguy

Note, please check availability for more details; pricing may vary and subject/availability depending on area.

[Deal Review]:

25 mbps really? Are we going back to Stone Age?

You can get 20Mbps from Spectrum for .99/mo with qualified address.

Its a basic plan and good for few devices per usage.
Spectrum does not compete with Xfinity (aka Comcast) where I live.

That deal is useless to me.

The competitor is FiOS.

this is a great deal for poor college students

** Subject to a 1TB cap in areas

At least there are cheaper options if one doesn’t have much money. Not sure how slow 25mbps is these days.

Here in Indiana, we have only two options. Att internet 5 and internet 10. Yes, up to 5 Mbps and up to 10 Mbps. Welcome to United States.
If you dont connect much devices then 25mbps is enough for 4K streaming.
Do we have anything before stone age then 😋

Even the 10mb plan can stream 4k content just fine.

25 megabit is plenty fine for 95% of the population.